Embedded Controller Software Techniques for Safety Critical Software

We take our software security very seriously – as you would expect, since most of it is written for safety-critical tasks.   In addition, our operating system, libraries, coding standards, toolchain and the rest were developed for military applications.  This  discipline runs through our designs, bringing quality, maintainability, and long-term cost-effectiveness.

The integrity of vehicle management systems is crucial for any modern embedded controller, especially in safety-critical applications. We have maximised the quality of our software by investing many years in perfecting our own software language and development environment.

To operate reliably within the time requirements, often known as ‘hard-real-time’ environments, we have devised task schedulers and interrupt handlers able to react predictably to hardware faults, software glitches and power outages.

One of the major causes of software faults is a lack of clarity between customer and designer – specification ambiguity. To address this problem, we have developed a strategy based on commercially available modelling software. We listen to you, analyse your needs, and build a model which you can run on your PC. You can tell us what changes you want, and together we can work to establish the functionality to suit you. We have found that it not only saves time and money in early prototypes, but also gives you the clarity you need to understand the problems and solutions.

All these methods are based on the international ISO12207 standard for software integrity, and regulated through our software coding standards and design procedures.