Common rail

Working in partnership with Ganser CRS, R2G2 can provide a full common rail fuelling system for OEM or retrofit. The system is ideally suited to engines from 1 to 10 MW.
Fuelling system

Why R2G2 – Ganser?

R2G2 Controls has a long history of perfecting the control modules for common rail and other types of fuelling systems, and Ganser CRS has a long history of development and innovation in common rail hydro-mechanical systems, injectors, pumps and pipes.

This ideal partnership works together to offer a common rail system which can be tailored to a wide range of engine formats and sizes.  Working as a single team, we have years of experience of engine control in many markets and environments, and on a range of different engines.

Common rail
Typical installation

Is it right for my engines?

The whole system can be fitted as an aftermarket retrofit installation to provide an instant dramatic improvement in emissions and economy performance, or it can be optimised for OEM supply.

The hydro-mechanical (“wet”) components can be designed to fit your cylinder head and pump drive coupling, while the extended R2G2 controller can be configured for a host of varied applications.

The system has the capability of operating up to 16 cylinders, driving two independent rails and pumps if required. It is available in a range of different enclosures to suit different market requirements.