How we work

A Head Start

R2G2 has been in business since 1994, and has developed a processing platform to suit the spectrum of control tasks.   It has been created with adaptability in mind, with interfaces and processing power to spare.   For each application, R2G2 can speedily adapt our platform to suit your requirements, saving you time and money.

For customers who need small quantities, we can quickly supply a prototype by adapting an existing ECU.  In the meanwhile our software engineers are converting your ideas into a specification and translating that into code.   Within a few weeks the samples are ready and you can begin your integration trials.

For larger quantities, the new design is cost-optimised, which means adapting our core platform into a custom pcb, tailored precisely to match your project requirements.

Whatever your needs, we can supply prototypes, samples and production controllers in an impressively short time.

What R2G2 Can Do For You

  • Undertake to develop an engine management system or vehicle management system to satisfy your needs – and the needs of your customers.  We will talk to you, your market analysts, your engineers, your designers, your customers and your focus groups,
  • Help you formalise the requirements of your control system, to define exactly what you want it to do,
  • Design the hardware and write prototype software,
  • Build a prototype and help you test it in your vehicle, analyse and review the results,
  • Perform the detaile design work, based on our expertise, know-how and previous proven platforms,
  • Check with you at each stage to confirm it’s 100% as required,
  • Deliver A-model samples ready for user trials, and support your testing,
  • Supervise proving and validation trials; from salt spray to EMC and everything in between, even EMP if required,
  • For engine management systems we will support test cell proving and engine development, for vehicle management systems we will support your integration testing,
  • Prepare and deliver B-model production units, and support your testing,
  • Help you select appropriate manufacturing facilities,
  • Transfer the design and manufacturing information and assist the production plant to assure maximum quality products.

In short, R2G2 has the experience and business strategy to take the load off your shoulders and help you avoid those costly mistakes that can occur in creating a new vehicle management system or engine management system in this high-technology world – and can help reduce your time-to-market by months.