R2G2 can offer two separate technologies to upgrade locomotive engines, bring you reduced emissions and fuel costs.

Common Rail RetrofitNS_8921_GE_C40-9W

Replacing old technology like unit injectors or jerk pumps with a modern common rail system enables the fuel delivery, advance and injection pressure to be tailored to the engine’s needs under all conditions.   This gives dramatic improvements in HC, CO and NOx exhaust emissions, as well as reducing fuel consumption.  Depending on the engine mechanics, fuel savings of between 5% and 10% are available.

In addition, an R2G2 ECU gives a step into the future with CANbus interface, soft starting, in-system diagnostics and many more features to save money, wear and down-time.

Dual Fuel Retrofit

As the price of natural gas falls, the benefit of using it as a fuel becomes inescapable.

A duel-fuel ECU for 4-8 cylinder diesel engines
Dual Fuel Control Unit

R2G2 can provide a retrofit system which works in conjunction with your existing common rail diesel injection system.   The delivery of diesel is reduced and an alternative fuel (LPG, CNG or LNG) is delivered instead, while keeping the total power matched.   For CNG the level of substitution (proportion of the power generated by the alternative fuel) can be as high as 80% or 90%.   The saving in running costs can be dramatic!

Combined Common Rail and Dual Fuel

If your engine is currently equipped with an old unit injector system, then we can provide both Common Rail and Dual Fuel in a combined upgrade package, saving you further costs and down-time.

OEM Installations

Of course, the most efficient solution is to build our latest technology into your engine from the outset, and we are happy to help you get the most from the advances we can offer.

Image credit: NS 8921 / Terry Cantrell / CC BY-SA 2.0